Percussion artist working on the Montreal and international scene. Entertainer and creator of the children’s show Kattam and his Tam-Tams. Producer of his first solo album Timbuktu to Bombay.

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"It's got it all."
Association pour le développement de l'éveil musical (France), Read the article

"A brilliant balance!"
Yves Bernard, Le Devoir, Read the article

"...for children and adults alike!"
Christelle Lison, QuébecSpot Média, Read the article

"... just as powerful for healing a skinned knee as an ice pack and a teddy bear combined!"
Mathias Marchal, Journal Métro


DVD Affiche 2

A school and family show !

To the sound of n'goni, balafon, djembe, naffar, derbouka and dhol, percussionist Kattam invites you to discover Africa, the Middle East and India through rhythm, song and dance ! From African rap and desert dance to trance sufi rhythm and Bollywood dance. Accompanied by his monkey, Takoum, Kattam never fails to enrol his audience ! An incredible multicultural adventure... Ideal for schools and family events!

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Rapping Africa

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